MODX can beat up your content management system

by Rob Martin on

Highly readable version

Tonight's Milwaukee Web Design Meetup featured a CMS MegaPanel - eight pros in eight content management systems, head to head on development, features, ecosystems, costs. I represented for MODX.

Here is my Prezi[1] on MODX:[2]

  1. Prezi's are zooming presentations. I like the effect, and they're clearly still rare enough that they get just a little extra boost from the audience. But they require Flash (booo!) and I apologize for that.

  2. MODX is a relatively light-weight (as in fast, not wimpy) Content Management System and Application Framework. So far I haven't come across anything I couldn't build in MODX, though I increasingly find myself yearning for more Python (Flask, mostly, some Django) and Javascript (MongoDB, Node.js, even Sammy.js). But they aren't content management systems.

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