The tyranny of the database

Rob Martin / @version2beta


When someone wants my full name,
I use M. Robert Martin.
It's even on my driver's license.

Funny story:

My wife didn't know my first name
until a few weeks before our wedding.

When we change our story
we change our selves.


                'name': "M. Robert Martin",
                'hair': "shaggy",
                'beard': "mediocre among Pythonistas",
                'weight': "a bit much",
                'handles': [
                'emails': [
                'recent_tweet': "Current status: Working on a #pycon lightning talk. So many frackin people here, but at least they're friendly!"

Amanita virosa

“Destroying Angel”

Amanita virosa photo by Ben DeRoy (

Photo by Ben DeRoy

M Robert Martin is @version2beta.

I'm here with Tartan Solutions and they paid for my trip
but that doesn't mean they agree with anything I say.