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Where to go from here? Change the world.

Changing the people who create tech changes the people who create culture. If we can make tech more diverse, we can make culture more inclusive. This is my closing talk from Rails Girls Salt Lake City 2015.// read full article

Tech sexism and co-creation of the community

PyCon2013 has ended and I'm seriously depressed. It's not just the energy shift at the end of a good conference. It's also the way tech sexism has once again exploded.// read full article

DjangoCon, part four

Here's the recap of day three, the last day of the talks. Apparently I took good notes on day three, since this is by far the longest post, and the one it took me longest to produce. It was, indubitably, an excellent day.// read full article

DjangoCon, part three

Day two is done, and I'm trying to do better at this. I definitely have better notes than yesterday. I have slightly fewer of them too, since the South session was absolutely worthless to me, and I blew off Tilting at Windmills to go up to the room with a stomach ache and a customer who needed help.// read full article

DjangoCon, part two

Oh my, I'm not good at this. There are people around live-blogging (and live-noting) the conference, and I'm scraping the sleepiness off my face enough to see the screen, only to realize I don't actually remember yesterday very well. I may be exagerating a little, but I did not take adequate notes (sorry, PyDanny - I heard you on this, really I did.)// read full article

DjangoCon, part one

It's two days before DjangoCon, I'm on a plane to Portland, and I've mostly been spending my time reading the Django Book. That has me thinking about what I expect from the conference.// read full article

A new OpenERP product and license

Last Friday (June 24, 2011) under an unassuming headline 'Improved OpenERP Website', OpenERP announced the new Enterprise edition of the OpenERP software. The response among community members was swift. Two topics attracted most of the conversation - the new OpenERP AGPL + Private Use license available only to Enterprise edition customers, and apparent policy changes regarding security alerts.// read full article