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The developers will fix it

Much of our code depends on an ecosystem of open source libraries built by third party developers. Here's my take on getting library updates into production, at least when you have a small team of developers.// read full article

Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL using SQLAlchemy

This is basically a guest blog post. The content was created almost entirely by Paul Morel (owner of Tartan Solutions) and Mike Bayer (author of SQLAlchemy and other fine Python libraries.) I was invited to compile and edit the conversation.// read full article

Development environments with Vagrant, Chef, and Git

The Milwaukee PHP User's Group invited me to present about Vagrant, Chef, and Git for quickly standing up development environments. Here's my transcript and slides.// read full article

A quick note on MongoDB replica sets

MongoDB is replying to a replica-set add command with "Need most members up to reconfigure, not ok". The problem is with my configuration.// read full article

Drupal, on GlusterFS, on Rackspace Cloud

I ran Drupal on GlusterFS for a few days. I didn't like it. Here's why.// read full article

High Availability Linode Pairs

Something like a recipe for creating database and application servers that failover on each other. This recipe is for Lighttpd and MySQL, but it can be extended easily for other applications. Later, I'll do one for Tryton and PostgreSQL. I use Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit on two Linode virtual private servers.// read full article